THE BONE TRADERS by Mark Roper (sample)

Behind The Scenes: This was one of the first Paid-per-finished hour gigs that I auditioned for. I liked the writing and decided, why not? I like post-apocalyptic tales and really wanted to read one. So, after I got the project, I was in communication with the author and he explained that he wanted a dirty-gritty voice for the entire book. So that’s what I did. And you know what happened? I got really into it. All of a sudden, the characters were coming alive, and just like writing a book, their directions took me to new places. I would often put down the microphone after a scene or chapter and think, how the heck did that come out of me? It was a great collaboration. One I’m very proud of. After narrating this title, I thought I’d be able to take the next step in the post-apocaplytpic realm…..namely, Zombies. 😉

For more information on Mark Roper’s writing, visit

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