First Public Reading ( Feb 2010)

Three weeks beforehand I called some bookstores and found that the Borders in Oak Park had an Open Mic Night. You can do music, skits and a bit of storytelling. The night was a blast! I invited my friends and they came to support my work as a writer. It was the best feeling in the world. Also the most nerve-racking. I signed my name in the fourth column on a list thinking, great, this will give me time to panic and get it out of my system before I go up. But when I came back to the list, people were signing in RIGHT UNDER MY NAME. Damnit! I thought. That’s not fair. I need my panic time! They called my name first and I went up. Met this guy, whose name happens to be “Guy” who was the cordinator of this whole event. He stopped me before I left to tell me to come back and read more short stories! I was floored! Happy as well. I passed out some cards that had my blog on them, met a few people signed a friends’ book.

I’m pretty sure this is what motivated me to become a narrator. I just like telling stories. 🙂

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