#24 Survival Pantry: The Definitive Survival Guide for Food Storage, Water Storage, Canning, and Preserving for Emergencies by Timothy S. Morris


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Concerned about the availability of healthy foods following a natural disaster and want to learn how to preserve food safely for years?

Everyone should have a survival pantry. It really is that simple. Maybe you don’t believe in the “zombie apocalypse” like your crazy neighbor up the road (doesn’t everybody have one of those, or is it just my luck?) and that’s fine. There are many more practical reasons to store and preserve foods and potable water. Think hurricanes, tornadoes, rampant wildfires, and other natural disasters. Think terrorism. Or how about the looming food shortage that is nearly guaranteed to happen as the world population surges to over 9 billion in the next 15 years? Food preservation has been practiced for thousands of years and the ancient methods are often the best when it comes to creating your own survival pantry. Also, you’ll discover…

  • Common food preservation methods
  • Complete step-by-step instructions
  • Water purification and storage options
  • Survival pantry recipes that are easy and delicious
  • And much more!

(1 hr and 23 mins)


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