Ye Olde Idea Shoppe: A Fantasy Short Story by Roberto Scarlato

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[ Backstory: As with all things, it started with one tiny seed. One ‘What If?’ I’ve always been fascinated with writers and there answer to the infamous question, “Where do you get your ideas from?” Some hate to be asked it. Others cite specific triggers. But a small percentage of them joke of a place that sells ideas. That’s when the story sprouted in my mind. What if there was a shop that specialized in ideas for writers. How would that place function. This story was my first brief step into writing fantasy. Also, I have a habit of writing some pretty dark stuff, so I wanted at least one story I could read to our daughter. And who knows? Maybe I’ll reach even further into this place and unearth some more stories waiting to be told. ]

There is a place just beyond the dream world where writers come to play. It is a mythical place located next to the Field of Gathered Imaginations.

In the land of Olde Country there resides a shoppe filled with ideas for the masses. But what happens when the ideas run out?

Narrated by Maxine Lennon

(34 mins)


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