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What people are saying about me:

Keep Me: Twist Me Book 2

“I was one of the fans who bought the 2nd book immediately when it was released. I didn’t think I would get the audiobook, but I’m sure glad I did. It was like the difference of watching a film in black & white with no sound, to watching a vivid blue ray on an HD television. Seriously!!! Roberto Scarlato was freaken amazing! He brought warmth and a soft side to Julian, plus add the sexy. OMG, his voice is gorgeous & he did a wonderful job.”


“Roberto has that late 40’s style deep noir voice that really helps to bring the story alive!”

“His deep voice in this book was amazing..”

The Thought Readers

“This was my first Audible book and I’m looking forward to the next book in this series and now searching for other books by Roberto Scarlato.”

“The entire book is written in first person and the narrator does a great job at making it feel real.”

“…if he is this good in other audio books I certainly will look out for him”

“The narrator did a great job of distinguishing the different characters.”

“The book moved at a steady pace with distinct moments of excitement, humor, emotion and romance which were well – presented with the adeptly consistent narration of reader Roberto Scarlato, who did well with the characterizations, especially when it came to character’s accents.”